ESS HOLDINGS is a specialised provider of risk management and auditing solutions, providing turnkey audit solutions helping you (our client) achieve sustainable risk management systems.

In a world of governance, risk and compliance, ESS HOLDINGS is a mature and global market leader where our international involvement has equipped us with significant experience benefitting our clients.

With internationally registered experienced auditors we have successfully serviced the below listed industries providing bespoke risk based audit solutions aligned with the ISO 19011 standard:
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Food
  • Industrial
  • Transport
  • Health
  • Petro-chemicals

Audit Types

Integrated System Audit (Quantification)

Also known as STAR Grading Audits

The Integrated HSEQ Audit protocol evaluates the effective implementation of an integrated system, measuring the organisation against the requirements of ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 simultaneously.
The audit not only measures the implementation and effectiveness of the mentioned management systems aligned with the ISO tenets, but also address operational factors such as process safety, resource management, key infrastructure maintenance etc.
A comprehensive report and graphs are issued at the end of the audit as well as an overall percentage and star rating. Individual ratings are also given with regards to Health and Safety, Environment and Quality. This audit is recommended for the organisation with mature and effective management systems who wishes a world class SHEQ system.       

Responsible Care Audits (RC)


This protocol was developed by the Chemical and Allied Industries Association (CAIA). The Auditors are accredited by CAIA to conduct External Verification Audits on this standard to evaluate the level of compliance to Responsible Care requirements.

Legal Compliance Audits


The Audit Division conducts legal compliance audits to evaluate the level of compliance too applicable statutory and regulatory tenets of the business. We offer OHS Act specific audits, HSEQ legal audits, Business Legal Audits where compliance with the statutory business regulations are also assessed.

Limited Scope Audits


Various audits are conducted to suit customer requirements. Herewith a few examples: 

  • Assurance (specific to the insurance requirements) audits
  • Supplier audits (audit protocols are developed specific to client needs and you suppliers are audited against these.

Pre Certification Audits


Pre-certification audits can be conducted on systems or any part of a system. These audits assess the management system according to the specific management system being certified against. include compliance if scoped accordingly. During pre-certification audits the client is guided as to the potential non-conformities which could be raised during a certification audit and further assisted with the closure thereof.

Certification Audits