In a world demanding governance, risk and compliance, ESS Holdings is your preferred matured global market leader. Our vast international involvement has equipped us with significant skills and competence, enabling us to provide you with world class risk solutions to simplify your world. With over 15 years global experience, our dynamic and pioneering leadership allows us to offer our clients Turnkey Solutions – Behaviour Change Programs focusing on the needs of the client and helping sustain compliance.


• Skill enhancement and development
• Auditing
• Business Continuity Management
• Legal Services Solutions
• Key person resource provision
• Software Solutions

With internationally registered risk managers and auditors ESS Holdings successfully services the below listed industries providing Risk Solution



ESS Holdings will be the preferred SHERQ Solutions provider in South Africa.


Ensure the following is implemented, maintained and adhered to:

  • Corporate Strategy with aligned objectives in order to achieve the vision
  • Quality Globally accepted and benchmarked SHERQ solutions
  • Operational Head Office able to support all services and products in the footprint
  • Footprint to support all areas in South Africa as well as international clients
  • Branches effectively operating according to corporate strategy, policies and procedures
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Building and maintaining lasting customer and partner relationships with main focus on expectation management
  • Work carried out by all employees and contracted staff within company policies and procedures
  • To be visible and accessible to all possible clients in the footprint
  • Using technology and innovation to ensure current and up to date solutions
  • Provide simplified solutions
  • Ensure staff competency internal as well as contracted staff

Our Values

ESS Holdings upholds the following values:
Mutually, with clients, partners and suppliers. We consider other more important as ourselves.
Every task we deliver, we do it at our very best following all known procedures. We do what we have to do to deliver the best quality service or product at all cost.
Always follow procedure and do the right thing. We value our clients as much as each other and follow good and trusted business principles including honesty, transparency and ethics.

We trust each other to deliver the quality work we agreed to do. We depend on each other as a team. We build trust amongst the clients as a trusted service provider who deliver quality work on time, every time.


We will ensure fairness in all our processes and operations. We shall treat all people equitably based on their merits and abilities. Make all decisions on appropriate criteria, without undue favoritism or improper prejudice.We will never blame or punish people for what they did not do, and appropriately sanction those who violate moral obligations or laws. We will promptly and voluntarily correct personal and institutional mistakes and improprieties.


We commit to being accountable for our performance and understand that the success of our business is dependent on the success of our team to deliver what we say we will. We will not blame others for our poor performance and lack of delivery. We will deliver what we promise.